Location of Yue Continent in the World Map

Yue Continent is a submerged micro-continent near Louisville Ridge, north-east of Zealandia.

The continent was discovered by Yueian explorer on the 5th December 2011, UTSH geologists believe that the continent was emerged due to tectonic plates movement after the 2011 Canterbury earthquake happened in Zealandia. The continent re-submerged back into the pacific ocean when another earthquake occurred on the 23rd Dec 2011.


Yue Continent

UTSH was the first nation to discovered and claimed the continent.The Emperor of Yue has divided the continent and its surrounding sea into 4 land regions and 5 sea regions for administration.

UTSH geologists strongly believe that the continent will re-emerge again.


States on Yue Continent


Regions on Yue Continent

Land Region Description
豐州 FungJou Western Territories of Continent Yue
羽州 YuJou East Territories of Continent Yue
狹州 HapJou Islands of Yutsh Sea
丹州 DarnJou Territories on the Far East
Sea Region Description
越海 Yutsh Sea Sea surrounded by the Continent Yue
豐海 Fung Sea Sea located West of Continent Yue
羽海 Yu Sea Sea located East of Continent Yue
紀海 Gei Sea Sea located South of Continent Yue
奧海 Oou Sea Sea located North of Continent Yue
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