The United Territories of Sky Haven 天港翊國 - also known for as UTSH, IK or Sky Haven - is a nation located on Yue Continent near in the Pacific Ocean near Zealandia.

UTSH is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system of governance. The monarch is Tenzi YauHang Williem Ten, who has reigned since 24 April 2006. The UTSH consists of 35 countries - Narpotan, Paxvik, Konkride, Sagwi, Metopa, Nordora, Solartendo, Kagoa, Hakiwowo, Flyttanbo, Ekypax, Silhoue, Stlehood, Deeka, Lotum, Lincyise, Alpecon, Lwa, Tiramor, Aoru, Seedor, Nife, Paer, Yur, Louno, Soare, Walyasipace, Toseru, Okon, Kuudo, Aquapotismo, Kearo, Foamic, Indonti and Zwan. All countries excepted the last two have devolved administration each with varying powers.

States on Yue Continent

According to Tenzi's claimation, UTSH also has 11 Oversea Imperial Territories includes Imperial China, Imperial Manchuria, Imperial Japan, Imperial Korea, Imperial Taiwan, Imperial Ryukyu, Imperial Hong Kong, Imperial Cheung Chau, Imperial Hawaii, Imperial Australia and Imperial Zealandia.

Oversea Imperial Territories of UTSH

The predominant religion of the nation is IK Catholic.

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