Paxvik, also known as the Kingdom of Paxvik, is a member state of the United Territories of Sky Haven.

The ruler of Paxvik, Queen Elizabeth of Zealandia, whose mother, Empress Victoria Tai Leung, was the last princess of State of Liang - a state during the Spring and Autumn Period of ancient China.

Fort Remuera was first established in North Zealandia in 2001. With Queen Elizabeth's power and influences to local barbarians, she has successfully annexed the North Zealandia and became the Queen of North Zealandia.

In October 2005, Queen Elizabeth accepted the proposal from Prince of Sky Haven to unite the two nation to form a new nation, the United Territories of Sky Haven.

The State of Paxvik was granted to Queen Elizabeth and together with North Zealandia, the Kingdom of Paxvik was formed. King Robin of Paxvik has became the first Minister of Foreign Affair of UTSH.

Flag of the Divine Fern symbolised the common plant grow in the forest in the Zealandia region.

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