Oversea Imperial Territories (OIT) are territories which are claimed by Tenzi of United Territories of Sky Haven but granted to have their own head of state, administrative government, military, legal system and financial system.

Oversea Imperial Territoriesj

Oversea Imperial Territories in Asia Region

State Proclaimed

Imperial Flag Imperial Seal State Formed
Imperial China
Imperial Flag of China
Imperial Seal of China
26 OCT 2010
Imperial Manchuria
Imperial Flag of Manchu
Imperial Seal of Manchu
26 OCT 2010
Imperial Japan
Imperial Flag of Japan
Imperial Seal of Japan
20 DEC 2013
Imperial Korea
Imperial Flag of Korea
Imperial Seal of Korea
20 DEC 2013
Imperial Taiwan
Imperial Flag of Taiwan
Imperial Seal of Taiwan
26 MAY 2016
Imperial Ryukyu
Imperial Flag of Ryukyu
Imperial Seal of Ryukyu
26 OCT 2010
Imperial Hong Kong
Imperial Flag of Hong Kong
Imperial Seal of Hong Kong
26 OCT 2010
Imperial Cheung Chau
Imperial Flag of Cheng Chau
Imperial Seal of Cheung Chau-2
26 MAR 2017

Oversea Imperial Territories in Pacific Region

State Claimed

Imperial Flag Imperial Seal Date Claimed
Imperial Hawaii
Imperial Flag of Hawaii
Imperial Seal of Hawaii
2 APR 2017
Imperial Australia
Imperial Flag of Australia
Imperial Seal of Australia
21 DEC 2010
Imperial Zealandia
Imperial Flag of Zealandia
Imperial Seal of Zealandia - Copy
04 SEP 2010
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