Kagoa, also known as the Kingdom of Kagoa, is a member state of the United Territories of Sky Haven.

During the Uprising of YuJou, Emperor of UTSH has been taking care of by the Yamamoto family, whose ancestors were from a royal clan in ancient Kyushu. The leader of the Yamamoto family, Hideko, who established Fort Riccarton in South Zealandia, has a strong influence in the area with other barbarian tribes.

The Emperor spent two years in Fort Riccarton with the Yamamoto family and with their help, the emperor quickly and successfully re-controlled and stablised the YuJou region.

After the uprising, the Emperor helped the Yamamoto family took control of South Zealandia and granted Hideko the title - Queen of South Zealandia.

The Emperor restored the rest of the Yamamoto family members with the royal clan status and granted the State of Kagoa to Queen Hideko.

In 2009, Kagoa together with South Zealandia, formed the Kingdom of Kagoa and has became a member state of the United Territories of Sky Haven.

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